Along with tile and grout cleaning, we also professionally clean a variety of hard surfaces. These include:

  • Natural Stone Cleaning — Just as it was costly to install, it can be costly to replace. Rather than doing the latter, our highly experienced technicians use real diamond pads to give a long-lasting shine and a mirror finish. No need to replace your floor!
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning — A popular choice for folks who don’t want carpet. And just like your carpets, your hardwood floors experience a lot of foot traffic and are expensive to buy. HYPER professionally restores your floor with the use of our specialized floor machines, we can remove all dirt, grime, and soils that are embedded in your floors
  • Strip & Wax Floor Cleaning — This is the most common floor which you find in public buildings. With the amount of foot traffic that comes through here, it is natural that they age, wear and tear and even yellow. In order to resolve this, we provide a thorough deep clean to make your floors look new. We even offer full floor refinishing services, taking delicate care in preserving your investment and wowing your customers!
HYPER - Floor
"The service I received today was outstanding and I will recommend Hyper to any and everyone. Prices are very reasonable and the employee that came out today was very professional and knowledgeable about the service I was receiving today. Thanks keep up the good work!!!! The owner was also friendly and checked in to make sure the job was done up to my standards and it was perfect!"
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